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Audio Artist

2010-12-29 04:03:01 by Slorrn

Seeing as I can't contribute flash to the site, I decided I'd contribute songs. I do hope all of will enjoy my music. And if not, oh well. I won't make a big deal out of it. I've been on NG far too long without submitting anything, until now. And who knows, maybe somebody will decide to use my music in a flash of theirs. But like I said, if not then oh well.


No Flash From Me

2008-10-16 23:12:50 by Slorrn

As I would very much enjoy creating wonderous flash of who knows what, sadly I cannot. Until I get a better computer and the right tools, Im screwed. Making Flash is a dream of mine, small and worthless
but still none the less, a dream. If I somehow acquired these components than I would be able to create flash, though until then I cannot create flash.
Hopefully if Im lucky, money, or a computer may fall from the sky.